Here’s a photo of a slide from a talk by Doug Altman about hypothesis tests and p-values recently (I nicked the picture from Twitter, additions by me). I wasn’t there so I don’t know exactly what Doug said, but I totally agree that hypothesis testing and p-values are a massive problem. Nearly five years ago … Continue reading Rant

Andrew Gelman agrees with me!

Follow-up to The Fragility Index for clinical trials from Evidence-based everything I’ve slipped in my plan to do a new blog post every week, but here’s a quick interim one. I blogged about the fragility index a few months back (http://blogs.warwick.ac.uk/simongates/entry/the_fragility_index/). Andrew Gelman has also blogged about this, and thought much the same as I did (OK, I … Continue reading Andrew Gelman agrees with me!

Bayesian methods and trials in rare and common diseases

One of the places that Bayesian methods have made some progress in the clinical trials world is in very rare diseases. And it’s true, traditional methods are hopeless in this situation, where you can never get enough recruits to get anywhere near the sample size that traditional methods demand for an “adequately powered” study, and … Continue reading Bayesian methods and trials in rare and common diseases